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“Horrible” day at ESRM

Students of the English section in year 5 through 8 were invited to the Horrible Science Show with famous Nick Arnold. Many of them had not only read the books from the “Horrible Series”, there were a number of Nick Arnold fans in the audience on 06 April. Some of the L2 students had probably been worrying about attending an English reading that was even about Science. This did not necessarily change when they were greeted by the secondary librarian with the words “This is going to be horrible – and even horrible Science”. It wasn’t for long until they would find out that they were actually up for an entertaining and fun experience of Science being brought to life.

Nick Arnold’s approach to answer scientific questions is most definitely going to stay in the minds of the students. Surface tension, gravity, pulling force, friction and the spitting cobra will for sure ring a bell in future – well, probably followed by a grin or laugh – and who knows if any of the students will ever use “inertia” as explanation for not being able to attend school 😉

Thanks a lot to Nick Arnold for visiting us, for bringing Horrible Science to life and for inspiring to take a deeper look into Sciences and where it happens in every day life. Thanks as well to all the brave, clever volunteers participating during Nick’s Horrible Science Show .


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“Darwins Peepshow”


Most probably our S5-students were a little uncertain what to expect from the reading with Menno Schilthuizen about the evolution of the reproductive organs of different species.

In summary it can be stated that the overall interest towards the current topic of the biology curriculum outweighed the few giggles during our expert’s presentation. Amongst others, our students learned more about the diversity of the reproductive organs, the reasons why particular shapes evolved but also how our guest came to write his book.



FNP 24.02.2015

Wetterauer Zeitung 24.02.2015

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